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The Professional Side

Dr. Jianghua Wang started her dental career as an oral surgery resident at the dental hospital Xian Medical University after she graduated in 1988. In the following years of her career in China, Dr. Wang gained her Master’s and Ph.D. education in Oral Medicine; Dr. Wang also expanded her career as a teacher/researcher in oral cancer gene therapy in China and continued at the National Institutes of Health and saliva diagnostic research at the UCLA School of Dentistry. She obtained DDS from UCLA in 2010, then Dr. Wang broadened her knowledge and skill through extensive continued education, from Bioclear cosmetics, endodontic, and implant to orthodontic.

Dr. Wang is very passionate about nonsurgical TMJ/occlusion orthodontic treatment and is trained by specialists from around the world at IDEA. With a lifelong student attitude, constant learning, and patient well-being care, she has gained more profound knowledge about TMJ/jaw alignment/occlusion. She has successfully treated patients with jaw pain, locked jaw, and headaches.

Dr. Jianghua Wang of Link Dental Excellence in Culver CIty, CA

The Personal Side

Dr. Wang is proud to operate her practice in Culver City, CA. She has a son who works as an architect in Northern California and a daughter who is in college. Dr. Wang and her husband, Nianxin, live in Inglewood with their two dogs, Max and Bear, two turtles, and a goldfish. She believes in Jesus, actively participates in the local church, and loves reading, hiking, painting, dancing, and gardening.

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